Does your Health Insurance:
Yes - You can change all of this!
  • Have High Premiums?
  • Have an Annual Deductible?
  • Limit your Choice of Doctors?
  • Cover you Throughout the U.S.?
  • Cover you when traveling to Foreign Countries?
Have you considered a
Health Plan that:
  • Rewards you with Lower Premiums for Being Healthy?
  • Has NO Annual Deductible?
  • Allows Any Doctor / Any Hospital?
  • Includes a Large National PPO?
  • Covers you when traveling to Foreign Coutries?
Additionally, how about a plan that:
  • Is NOT managed care (like the ACA)
  • Has NO pre-authorizations needed
  • Has benefits payable wherever you travel - ANYWHERE in the world
  • Is Month-to-Month
  • You can change ANYTIME
  • Has NO open enrollment limitations
Find out if you're eligible for this plan now - it only takes a few minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Which states are elgible?
I am licensed to provide plans for residents of Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Michigan and Utah
Who are these plans ideal for?
My plans are ideal for Individuals, Families, Small Business Owners, Self-Employed People, and Small Groups
How do I know if I can qualify?
It's simple. A 5-10 minute telephone discussion to determine your eligibility
Do I have to wait for (ACA) open enrollment (Nov 1 – Dec 15)?
No. With this plan Open Enrollment is 365 days a year.
I have a health plan now. Do I have to wait until the end of the policy year?
No. Your plan (every individual plan) is month-to-month. You can change any time you choose.
Will I need blood test, lab test, doctor or nurse exam?
Your existing medical records is all that is necessary.
What are the age limits of this plan?
This plan will cover anyone under the age of 65.

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