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A ‘Safe’ Doctor Visit in Today’s Environment

What if you think you have the flu, ear infection, allergies, asthma, sore throat, fever…do you want to go sit in a doctor’s office waiting room in today’s environment? If you have to do that you are subjecting yourself to possibly much more danger than what you already have. There might be other ‘sick’ people in that same waiting room, or worse, people with potential COVID-19. Even in ‘normal’ times before COVID-19 you might have to wait for a long period of time for the doctor to squeeze you in for appointment. You would still have to wait and be subjected to the other possibly sick people. Well, there is a better option.


Welcome to health care in the 21st century.


It began not too many years ago, and it has been gaining traction. Now with the Corona virus climate it is even more popular and will continue to grow rapidly in the future. It’s call Telemedicine, Tele-Doc, or something similar.


Most of the insurance companies have had 24-hour nurse hotlines. Now some insurance companies and many independent organizations have24-hour doctor visits. You call an 800 number, give a nurse or staff member some basic information, and a licensed physician (in the United States) will call you back usually within 10-30 minutes. They will discuss your symptoms and diagnose you over the phone. If you need a prescription, they will call it into your local pharmacy.


You would be shocked at all the illnesses telemedicine can treat, such as Cold & Flu, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Pink Eye, Migraines,Infections, Acid Reflux, Ear Infections, Urinary Tract Infections and more.They also include Pediatric care. Also, Rashes. Think about it, in today’s world with cell phones with cameras a doctor can see your rash during this visit. The preceding list is only a small amount of the many illnesses that can be treated.


Unless you belong to an organization or health plan that covers telemedicine there will be a charge. It can range for $30 to maybe $75for the visit. Most are in the $40-$50 range. Considering that the appointment can be arranged extremely fast, and you are not subjecting yourself to other sick people in a doctor’s office waiting room it is as great bargain.


Next time you think you need an immediate doctor visit because of a pending illness, rash, cough, consider Telemedicine.


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